E&H Inc., Originals in WoodE&H Inc., Originals in Wood

E & H Inc., Originals in Wood has become a leader in the millwork industry by combining a broad range of custom millwork capabilities with constant internal evolution of quality, performance, and presentation. Custom homebuilders often build random niches throughout a house expecting that the homeowner will fill them with what they want. We can fill those spaces for homeowners—built exactly the way they want and built to fit the space—and for about the same price as you would find at high-end furniture stores. We are currently in the process of updating our web site. For more information on our residential services, please visit our previous web site.


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CONTACT | 423 S 8th Street La Porte, TX 77571 office 281.470.8666 fax 281.470.8694 email info@originalsinwood.com